Paging Dr. Merlot

If I need an ambulance, I must settle for a regular EMT team to minister to my ills because the one pictured above lives in an English garage. Who says the British have no collective sense of humor? This clever marketing idea begs to be replicated in the U.S. where partiers would be thrilled to have replacement bottles of Chardonney, Pinot Noir and bubbly delivered. Further, drunks could skip dangerous beer runs. I’d like to start one of these mobile wine bars within the nearby University of Illinois campus where I could, at long last, make my fortune. Investment anyone?

Why I’m Hanging with the Commies

Vladimir Putin offers reassurances about security at Sochi Winter Games
It’s no secret that my leanings are so far left, I could qualify for a Communist Party membership card, but since I dislike Putin, that won’t happen. I will, however, spend several hours among my comrades thanks to OnDemand when I finally catch The Americans (FX) and Allegiance (NBC), both TV programs that harken back to the nation’s 1950s espionage era. Things were crazy back then. I recall raids on apartments in my building as the FBI sought suspected commies allegedly churning out propaganda on printing presses, so this is more than TV. It’s a page from my life, too.

Hallelujah—I’m too Busy Writing to Write

Mea culpa
I dreamed of one day writing a 100 Wicked Words post about being too busy with client jobs to keep up with my mission, and as the Bible often says, this has finally come to pass. Not only are my fingers moving at the speed of light daily for eight hours, but my eyes exhibit the tell-tale sign of too much computer time: they’re cherry red. Since this is no complaint, I’m just saying that I miss drafting my daily missive, but not enough to take a pass on the money. I’m all about the bucks; no bass, no treble.

Shop Until You Drop (Less Money)

Who knew that the best time to shop for food, if I want to save big money on all sorts of stuff, is on Wednesday? CBS news and confirm it, and I’m going to start checking out the voracity of their claims–unless, of course, a blizzard lands on the city. Wednesday, sources agree, is when stores release new sale ads while honoring the previous week’s prices. If I wait until Wednesday evening, says CBS reporters, things get cheaper and prices often drop up to 50-percent to encourage quick sales, making this time of day the ultimate budgeter’s paradise.

Welcome to my Digs!

In addition to an erratic elevator, cracking kitchen drywall seams, loud trains and (now) cracks circling the tub surround, the neighborhood is playing host to a wrecking ball in a few weeks. Seems the adjacent building is to be eliminated, so I’ll be writing to the sound track of the demolition. That said, there is a bright side: I doubt management will give tours of my place to potential renters with building remnants flying around, but who knows? I’m not taking any chances. With six months to go on my lease, I’ll wear a hard hat when potential renters visit.