Soap Opera

I just learned that showering nightly during winter is a big no-no. Crap. That hot, end-of-day shower is my biggest guilty pleasure; who knew that my skin suffers as a result? It gets worse: According to Dr. Casey Carlos, writing for, I’m only supposed to use soap on “the smelly areas,” and the recommendations just keep coming. Dermatologists urge people to shower every two to three days in the winter. Not sure if I can do this, but in case I jump on the bandwagon, I’ll understand why people won’t want to sit near me until the spring thaw.

2 responses

  1. Or you could just use moisturizer after your shower. Can this doctor really think there’s no value to sloughing off dead skin, and simply caring for oneself? There are lots of good reasons to get clean daily, including the routine that either starts or ends your day on a good note.

  2. Yes, moisturizer is mentioned–but in combination with showering infrequently. That said, I’ve decided to listen to you and not these idiots. Thanks, Jenny! BTW, the “felt” soap you gave me is nearly gone.

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