And They Lived to Tell About it

Disgusted by vitriol spewed by political rivals? Are you of the opinion that politicos have done such irreparable, reciprocal damage, there’s no way bi-partisan cooperation will be seen in our lifetime? Mosey over to the Discovery Channel tonight to catch Rival Survival. Producers dropped senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) into the ocean with a crap load of gear and provisions. They survived by their wits for six days because they had no other choice. Tonight’s show (yes, they kept their clothing on) is worth a look-see if you’re desperate for signs that bi-partisan detante is possible. (

One response

  1. I saw these two on Letterman and thought sending out pairs of unmatched Congress people to deserted islands would be a great lesson in cooperation. That might also work for educators who long for staff development sessions that wouldn’t put them to sleep.

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