So Close, I Could Almost Touch It!

condo deal
When the call arrived late Saturday advising me that my short sale deal crashed and burned just 48 hours before Monday’s closing date, I was too numb to react. A condo owner is suing the building over balcony repairs. The lawsuit spooked the new lender. They pulled out. It’s the latest bizarre twist plaguing this sale. Attorneys and title company magicians will try some fancy footwork tomorrow to see if they can keep the deal alive, but no guarantees. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here. If I figure out what that lesson is, I’ll let you know.

2 responses

  1. Aside from your credit rating — which doesn’t make a difference since you won’t be buying a new car or home — what good does a short sale do you instead of a foreclosure? Can you just let this all go?

    i’m asking because i want you to have peace and live without this financial dark cloud over your head.


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