Another Guy Bites the Dust

band cat
Another close encounter of the sad kind: Dated a guy a few times and I’ve nothing in common with him. He doesn’t like to eat. Seriously. Doesn’t watch TV or see movies. Stays away from booze. Takes a literal interpretation of the Bible. His passion is hunting. Need I continue? I think I may be confusing “nice guy” with “settling for a pulse” when I hit the dating scene these days, and I’ve no clue why I persist. I’ve already got two furry guys to love at home and their enthusiastic passion for eating, TV and movies certainly equals mine.

2 responses

  1. Why keep searching? For blog material, of course! And somewhere out there is a guy who’s looking for someone who likes to eat, watch movies, and cuddle with cats. You’ll never find him if you don’t keep looking.

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