Sleepless in Chicago and Everywhere Else

The women in my address book aren’t sleeping. I told a friend I wanted to design Women Who Don’t Sleep (WWDS) bracelets, so we could identify other sleep deprived women on sight, but my biggest fear is that we’d run out of the bracelets before fulfilling a landslide of requests. Women tend to be worriers–not warriors. We greet threats, insecurities and fears with stoicism by day. Night falls and we start mulling and fretting as clocks tick off hours. Self-talk doesn’t help. Nor does TV. Solutions lie in slaying dragons during daylight hours. I’m wrong. We women are warriors!

One response

  1. You know, as well as I and everyone else, that we humans have no control except of ourselves and even that isn’t always possible. Invest in some ZQuil or Tylenol PM or take a xanax. Or two. You’ll be sleeping long into the morning, or at least until your cats wake you up.

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